Present Moment

Being present is SO important.  There are many practices, like meditation, to help us improve this.  There are many books, like  Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now that explain why this is important.

Today I came across this Mind Map Inspiration post.  Great Blue Herons have shown up in my experiences a lot lately, and I take this as a message.  In Native American traditions, they speak of Animal Totems, and the concept is that by studying and working with an aspect of being that is exemplified by a particular animal, I can bring out those qualities in myself.

An excerpt from the Mind Map post:

“For such a big bird its hunting method is awesome. Standing in shallow water, absolutely still for several minutes at a time before suddenly striking at frogs and fish with incredible speed and accuracy.

Watching herons is breathtaking and also carries many life lessons when converted to human behaviour.

The heron plants its long legs firmly, body motionless, grounded so as to become one with its surroundings. Calm, quiet and aware it waits with alert senses and presence. Total focus, total concentration; channelling its entire body into patient poise, as it waits with statue-like demeanour.

From unhurried grace to swift agile motion the heron snaps in the blink of an eye to feed. Then, it returns to stillness, quiet, calm, alert concentration once again.”

May this be a reminder for all who read it, to reconnect with our practices that nurture our ability and capacity for being present.

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