Lori Sortino is a photographer and artist.  She received a BS degree in Applied Art and Design from Cal Poly, SLO.  After 25 years in a corporate job, she longed to spend more time with creative expression, and opened a photography business in 2007.  While this medium is one of Lori’s favorites, she still wanted to paint again, as she had not painted since college!  In 2013, she attended a painting workshop  hosted by her friend Jodi Bogart, and the Muse series began.  In this workshop, Jodi asked her participants to choose what the muse within wanted to put on the canvas; colors and symbols.  She asked participants not to judge whatever came up, but rather to just put it on the canvas.  This process was a transformational experience for Lori, who had trained herself to please everyone else.  The process of accepting the things she loved and letting go of her thoughts like “nobody has green hair” was incredibly freeing.  So she continues to practice letting go of needing to be perfect and embracing what it is to be human with each painting.  It’s a really good practice.