Inspired Conversations that unveil success in the 21st Century; Talent2Work

On the Talent2Work show we explore ideas, processes, principles, and inner and outer resources for managing your talent and career today.  We look at trends, what’s working for people, and what’s being created on these foundational new ways of working together.  We interview people who are leading the way, people who are making a shift and people in the process of transformation.  Woven together, you’ll see a picture form that will inspire you to take away the gems that feed your soul as you honor where you are in bringing your talent to the world and help you create the future that you’re dreaming into reality.

Norma Owen and Lori Sortino have been collaborating since 2011.  In 2012, shortly after The Future Working Together Conference in San Luis Obispo, Norma and Lori were both talking to the team about doing a radio show and upon hearing each other voice the same intention on the team call, they agreed to do a show together based on blog content Lori had been collecting and the theme of connecting people and their talent to their best work; Talent2Work.