Lori offers Reflexology and Harmonyum® on Tuesdays at Serenity Spa at Kennedy Club Fitness in Paso Robles.  To book a session, text or call Lori at 805.709.6000 or send a message via the contact form with REFLEXOLOGY in the subject line.


Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears.  Zones and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and applying pressure on these points has a beneficial effect on the organs and the person’s general health, by stimulating stagnant energy to move as well as encouraging overall energy flow in the body.

What are the benefits of foot reflexology?

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Fights depression
  • Helps in relaxation
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Relieves body pains
  • Supports natural immune function

What can I expect in a foot reflexology session with Lori?

  • The practitioner will have you fill out an intake form and consent form
  • You will disclose any health issues, questions, or concerns to the practitioner
  • You will have a choice of receiving reflexology on feet or hands
  • You will have a choice to include aromatherapy during your session
  • You will have a choice of music or silence, or you may listen to a guided meditation
  • You will lie down on your back, fully clothed except for removing shoes and socks
  • The practitioner will examine your feet and may choose to prepare them with a warm wash cloth
  • The practitioner will position herself at your feet where she can comfortably work on the feet and ankles
  • You can rest or talk during the session at your discretion
  • If you fall asleep you will still receive the benefits of the treatment
  • Feedback is encouraged and you can request to stop or change your treatment at any point
  • Generally the session lasts between 40 and 55 minutes

Normal reactions

Reactions during the session range from physical to emotional and may include:

  • Perspiration of hands or feet
  • Feeling light-headed
  • Laughing
  • Sighing deeply
  • Disappearance of pain and discomfort
  • Thirst
  • Sensation of feeling cold or chilled
  • Coughing
  • Crying
  • Overwhelming desire to sleep
  • Loose, relaxed muscles and organs
  • Rarely, contraction of muscle groups (pain)

How does reflexology work?

As the practitioner applies pressure on each point and in each zone, this stimulates the energy in the corresponding area in the body.  It’s like picking up the phone and calling to say “Hey, wake up!  Time to move!”  Energy can stagnate in areas for many reasons, and the pressure applied on the foot (or hand or ear) communicates via the nervous system to stir up the energy in that area, releasing congestion and promoting nerve and energy flow and relaxation.  When the reflexology session is complete, the major functional centers of the body have been addressed (internal organs, glands, muscle groups, bones, and nerve ganglions) and encouraged to work together as a whole system.  This is why we work all of the areas of both feet (or hands) rather than just focusing on an area where the client may be experiencing pain or ongoing issues (i.e. migraines, nausea, indigestion, sciatica, etc.)

The reflexologist stimulates the nervous system to do the work of balancing and releasing, to bring the whole body into balance.  If the practitioner applies pressure that results in a sudden sharp pain, the client is encouraged to take several deep breaths while pressure is applied to that area, until the pain subsides.  This tells the client and practitioner that an area of congestion has been found and released!  That’s good news!

Following a session, you are advised to drink plenty of water and get adequate rest in order to support the body’s function as it eliminates toxins that have been released during the session.

Foot Reflexology Map showing positions of body organs and systems on the soles of the feet

After your foot reflexology session

You will most likely feel relaxed and you may want to sit or lie down for a little while after the session to allow your body to continue the work that was set in motion during the session.  The body is intelligent and can balance and heal itself when we allow it the resource of time and stillness.  In the days following a session, you will most likely feel better.  Some people who don’t have a regular wellness practice may experience a day or two of stiffness or soreness, due to a high level of toxin release from the session, if many areas have been congested for a long time.  If this happens, continue to support the body with drinking plenty of water and rest, and you can supplement with electrolytes and magnesium.

Recommended Frequency

How often should you receive a reflexology session?  The number of sessions varies and is determined by the client’s health and reasons for seeking reflexology.  In an ideal world, you would receive a foot reflexology session every week to promote healthy system function and reduce stress.  The average recommendation is weekly sessions for 6-8 weeks, followed by a session once a month.


Lori’s Qualifications

Lori is certified in Harmonyum® which involves extensive training in the energy systems of the body.  She participates in ongoing education classes in Reflexology as an apprentice with Carol Dawn, who has had a very successful reflexology practice in San Luis Obispo for over 30 years and has taught reflexology in massage schools.  Lori also participates in classes with Rand Gholson (Energies Rising), of Paso Robles, further studying the energy systems of the body.  Rand is a Master Teacher in Eden Energy Medicine.


What clients say about Lori

“Lori, I was blessed to experience your energy in my session with you. It’s more than the energetic healing you are able to produce.  I can feel your shift from doing to being.”

– A.H.


“I remember entering the session feeling scattered. I had just traveled across the country and my mind was going in many directions. As Lori worked calmly and gently on my feet, I felt like I was being knit back together. I finished the session feeling grounded and whole.  Lori is knowledgeable and humble.  She was completely present the whole time.  I felt incredibly supported during our session.  I have experienced reflexology as a powerful therapeutic modality on physical, psychological and emotional levels.  I would encourage people to enter with an open heart and mind, and just let Lori do her magic.”

– Michele Rusinko


“When you were working on my feet, you found that sore spot on my left little toe and told me that this was the area associated with the left ear.  I told you that that ear had been hurting that morning, and felt like an oncoming ear infection.  My ear is totally fine now — I’ve had no further pain in my ear since the reflexology session!”

– L.G.


“One of the most relaxing experiences of my life!  Lori was a very comforting presence.  Whatever she did to my feet made my whole body feel amazing.  It was heavenly.  Get ready for bliss!”

– Hannah Sadtler


“My sense of you is that love is where you come from.  I experience your love as the basis of  your doing.   Two things I really appreciate about you are your curiosity and your humbleness.  The curiosity feels to me like you are anywhere you need to be, or happen to see “this may help people.”  You are constantly pulling any thread that you can weave together to be of service to others.  Your mind sparks with curiosity and you go learn whatever you need to.  Yet you have this humbleness of “I don’t really do anything.”   beautifully melded in you.”

– S.H.


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