Harmonyum is a technique that involves light touch to the back, shoulders, and head, inviting a natural energetic balance to be restored.  The touch primarily focuses on the spine, which is the communication conduit for the body.  Lori’s intention, as a practitioner, is to simply hold sacred space for her client to do deep inner processing.  The repetitive motions of the touch provide a balanced combination of stimulation and relaxation to the nervous system, allowing it to self adjust.  In the way that a chiropractic adjustment or massage encourages the physical tissue, ligaments and bones to re-align, Harmonyum nudges the nervous system back into balance.

Who we are and how we express ourselves involves energy.  Our physical bodies have an electro-magnetic field and our energy (affecting how we feel and how much we are capable of) is affected by everything in our environment as well as our thoughts.  We don’t see energy most of the time, but we can feel it, measure it, and use it.  Everything we want to be or do, move, build, or become, involves energy.   Harmonym supports our desire to bring our life into harmony by helping our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic subtle systems to communicate and align.  We literally get out of our own way in these sessions and restore our pure essence.

Here’s a video about a study involving the importance of grounding our bodies.

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Harmonyum and/or Reflexology Sessions are $88.

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How Lori found Harmonyum: on pages 30-33 of the June 2014 Connect to Wellbeing Magazine.


 What’s it like to receive a Harmonyum session from Lori?

“Since my Harmonyum session, I have been feeling much more relaxed and centered.  I had two calls yesterday related to new work opportunities.  Things are aligning nicely and I think your treatment had something to do with it.  Also my spine feels more flexible and free.  So many levels were affected positively.  Thanks!”

— Rob Rohlmeier, Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner


“In my session with you I experienced that you embody your work.  The healing work you did with me was life changing; really powerful.  Being in your presence, there is an effervescence about you.  Thank you for bringing who you are, authentically, to this work.  I see your magnificence.  Your eyes are pools of awakened presence.  Your hands, when you do Harmonyum, are so nurturing.  You were the divine Mother unraveling my sine.  I appreciate your humbleness.”

— Marti Glenn, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Ryzio Institute and founding President of Santa Barbara Graduate Institute


“Wow that was a fantastic experience.  Have you ever read the book “Power Versus Force” by David Hawkins?  I read it about 5 years ago and loved it and then picked it up again just recently and in the beginning he talks about how he lived in this place of utter bliss for a lot of his life and he actually had to force himself to participate in life because it was such a pleasant place to be.  Anyhow, I know now what that place is, I’ve been there before but during my Harmonyum session was dropped right into that place.  In the beginning I definitely felt my body and muscles relax fully and my mind slow.  Then on about the second round of the circular motions down my spine I really dropped into another zone and I don’t know how long I was there but a loud noise which sounded like a very loud motorcycle drove right by that room and it pulled me out and then I realized hey we aren’t near the street how could I have heard a motorcycle that loud?  At the point I left the zone my entire body was buzzing and definitely was enveloped in a blanket of warmth and love (I’m not really sure there are words to accurately describe it but those are the words that come to mind).  From then on my mind was much clearer and free from thought.  Then after I sat up and you finished the last movements it was as if you had turned on a light (even though my eyes were closed) and the light was coming from the left side of my body.  The light would get brighter and dimmer and shadows would appear in the light, did you have a light?  After you left the room I was able to just sit there and enjoy complete bliss and my happy place, no thought, nothing, complete nothingness, silence and it was a wonderful place.  After you brought me water and I had to move my body it felt very heavy.  It seemed to me as if I had just put this big, clunky body over my spirit.  The remainder of the day I was very thirsty and I felt a calm, peacefully bliss that could not be disturbed.  I walked around with a smile on my face even as others told of their irritations.  Everything seemed more vibrant and alive.  The message I received during this practice was Beth the light is always shining on you all you have to do is allow it.  I am now filled with a deep, deep gratitude not for anything specific but just in general.  It was a wonderful experience and I noticed in my yoga practice the next day that my balance was much improved, usually I’m a bit wobbly in Ardha Chandrasana (half moon) but on that next day I was rock solid.  It really was great and I’m a huge fan, ready for my next session, I’ll keep coming forever!”

— Beth



“Thank you again for my appointment yesterday.  I try not to have expectations in general but it far exceeded anything I could have imagined.  Unfortunately, I was so tired going yesterday that I almost immediately fell into a (lucid) dream state.  OK, I was sleeping at points…:) I would try to stay awake to make sure I was receiving the full benefit of the session but then I would remind myself that energy is energy.  During the session, I could feel my intially nervous heart-rate slowing down to normal, intense relaxation and also heat flowing down my legs.  I did sense, through my closed eyes, illumination.  Last night I slept wonderfully, with less than half of the sleep medication I’ve needed other nights this week.

When the session ended I was (obviously) in an altered and blissful state.  I went to a local park, sat by a creek and took some pictures.  I absolutely loved the treatment and feel more calm, energerized and even confident today.

You are extremely gifted. As I mentioned I have received several different types of energy “treatments” since 1999 and this was by far the most powerful of them all.”

— Diane



“I found Lori to be a gifted healer with true presence allowing my Essence to emerge.  Through Lori I found the center of what many would call the Soul and the true path of healing.”

— Terry



Sessions are currently offered in the privacy of your home.