Practice Groups

Join me and my colleagues on the first and third Thursdays.  Enlivening Edge Video Conference calls are a way to practice  We space and talk about organizational culture with a focus on ways to move organizations toward valuing wholeness, self-management and evolutionary purpose.  Get the Zoom link and call schedule from the Enlivening Edge web site, where you can also sign up for email reminders for the calls.   (Free)

Retreats & Trainings ~ Calendar

Your Heart’s Journey     March 25-30, 2018     Templeton, CA

This women’s retreat is 4 days and 5 nights of time away from the outer demands of life – time for just you – reconnect with your essence, your truth, your heart.               $795

For details and registration, jump to

Half Day Exploration of Circle 

Saturday February 17th  1 p.m. to 5 p.m.    Paso Robles, CA          $40

There is Nothing so Wise as a Circle
There is an undeniable power in the shape of the circle. It is known the world over as a powerful divine symbol of wholeness. Sitting in circle can give you the courage to speak your truth, to explore your spirituality, create a portal to step into your truth, or support you in claiming your self-worth. The magic of circle becomes apparent when you realize that as you heal and grow, so does every member of the group.
In this Half Day Exploration, you will
• Clarify your intention for hosting a regular circle
• Meet others who are contemplating hosting or participating in circles
• Experience circle structure (practices, agreements, roles)
• Learn about upcoming training offerings
Registration Deadline February 11
To register, contact Lori Sortino

Includes light snacks and tea or coffee

Embracing The Stranger In Me:  A Journey To Open Heartedness Book Circle

Meeting on four Mondays in February and March 2018, with a week between each meeting.  Please RSVP in the Facebook event or by sending me an email.  (Free)

Monday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:00.
Light snacks, tea, coffee or water will be available.
4 Meetings:
Feb 5, Feb 19, March 5, March 19, 2018
(we’ll discuss 3-4 chapters per meeting)

This is a small intimate group of kind community oriented people looking for new friends, meaningful conversation, and a respectful safe place to share thoughts and stories from each of our lives.   Read more…

Consulting, Courses and Practicums

Please contact Lori to bring any of the following courses and/or practicums to your venue or organization.

Circle Structure ~ A Leader in Every Chair

Learn by doing and being.  Lori teaches circle structure to existing groups and teams within organizations who wish to:

  • improve their shared leadership philosophy or transition to participatory leadership
  • improve cooperation, collaboration and relationships
  • improve shared vision and focus

What is circle structure and how does it work?

From the book The Circle Way by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, “The circle is essentially a gathering of equals; people who set aside external, hierarchical positions that categorize and separate them and sit down in a ring of chairs with a clearly defined intention or purpose symbolically represented in the middle.  With the rim and center in place, each person contributes as a peer to the process of reflection, speaking, consideration, and action.  The circle is an energetic social container capable of helping a group draw on a wellspring of insight, information, and story that inspire collective wisdom and action.”

What is involved in learning circle structure with Lori?

There are three main options for engagement:

A one time Introduction and Practice

Lori will teach circle structure and then have the group practice with the structure.  Minimum time needed: 3-4 hours

Fee $600/half-day, $1200/full-day.   Follow up consultation and support offered at $60/hr for phone consultation and $150/hr for in person support with a 2 hour minimum.  Travel and per diem expenses may apply.  Fees subject to change with or without notice.  Discounts available for non-profit and volunteer organizations.

Three Events

Three meetings to include an introduction and practice and two additional events where Lori will support the existing team utilizing circle structure with real time team or organizational intention/purpose progress.  This will include Lori supporting identified circle hosts by phone for a total of one hour prior to each event and Lori’s support in person at the second and third event.  Events will be structured as one full day and two half days.  All three events will be completed within a three month period.

Fee $2,500  Additional consultation and support offered at $60/hr for phone consultation and $150/hr for in person support with a 2 hour minimum.  Travel and per diem expenses may apply.  Fees subject to change with or without notice. Discounts available for non-profit and volunteer organizations.

Six Month Engagement

A six month engagement for teaching and support of multiple teams/groups in an organization where all team/group leads attend one day of training and each team/group receives direct support from Lori for one additional half-day event. Identified group/team leads will also be supported via video conference check in calls for 6 months, to be scheduled by mutual agreement for a total of 24 hours.

Fee $3,600 + $600 per team/group (for example an organization with 5 teams, the fee would be $6,600). Additional consultation and support offered at $60/hr for phone consultation and $150/hr for in person support with a 2 hour minimum.  Travel and per diem expenses may apply.  Fees subject to change with or without notice.  Discounts available for non-profit and volunteer organizations.

One on One Consulting

Support for your personal/professional growth within the context of whole person self leadership philosophies and practices.  I will mentor, be thought partner, and most importantly hold you to the highest standard of integrity in order to reach your highest potential.  Can include a variety of support including co-hosting, co-facilitating, and observing to provide feedback.

Fee  $60/hr or as negotiated

Recommended Offerings by Others

A Small Group calls with Eric and Elaine Hansen

Elaine and Eric Hansen facilitate a virtual experience using one of the six A Small Group Conversations. These conversations are designed to shift the usual conversational process. Over the course of six months, they explore conversations that encourage:

Invitation rather than mandate
Possibility rather than problem solving
Ownership rather than blame
Dissent rather than resignation and lip service
Commitment rather than barter
Gifts rather than deficiencies

To prepare for the call, read about the conversations and the process in the A Small Group Civic Engagement booklet, which can be downloaded for free at For a more in-depth look at the conversations and the process, read Peter Block’s book “Community: The Structure of Belonging.”

Another resource is Peter Block’s book, “The Answer to How is Yes.” In it, Peter explores why these conversations work and how they help create a future that is distinct from the past.