“My own working assumption is that we are here as local Universe information gatherers.  We are given access to the divine design principles so that from them we can invent the tools that qualify us as problem solvers in support of the integrity of an eternally regenerative Universe.”

–R. Buckminster Fuller

Lori Sortino is a facilitator*, consultant and host*, working with transformation, meaningful dialogue and authentic leadership. She works with people with passion who want to make a difference, in order to accelerate their contribution within organization and community.

Lori enjoys the identification and working through of the beliefs, fears and thinking patterns that stop us from stepping boldly into our next levels of leadership, work and life.  Lori has a deep practice in a variety of disciplines, such as The Work (of Byron Katie) – a transformative process for working with limiting beliefs.

Lori has been active in the Art of Hosting** global community of practice, hosts authentic practice circles in her community and produces podcasts and interviews that capture conversations and stories that provide access to the processes, practices and methods that occur in the deep work she is engaged in.  These recordings serve as her call to action to listen to your heart and go where you feel called, in spite of the fears.

Lori lives in Paso Robles, California with her husband and has two adult children nurturing their own families.  She is also an artist and photographer, loves the outdoors, plays tennis, enjoys cycling, and regularly plays with rocks, dirt, and plants.

” The art of circle hosting is ancient yet eternal, simple yet complex, and there are those who feel it and know it in their bones – having the privilege of witnessing Lori host circles on more than one occasion over the years, I feel that for her the process is a natural extension of her very being. Her immaculate presence and gentle direction are woven with wisdom, purpose, and compassion – in this alchemical state we feel seen, heard, felt, and truly supported to be ourselves. Her work is important all on its own, but the state of ease and honesty that she invokes as host, lends its self effortlessly across disciplines, life arenas, and even cultures – which makes it that much more powerful and effective. ”             — Andreea Petruse


*What are the differences between facilitation and hosting?  Read this great article in The Circle Way blog!

**The Art of Hosting global community of practice is a network of practitioners and stewards.  This video provides a window into what people experience at an Art of Hosting training.

 “If you have a gift, give it now.”

— Thomas Arthur

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